Compare Wedding Insurance

Our wedding insurance comparison tables are designed to help you to find the right wedding insurance policy for your special day. We feature some of the best known wedding insurance brands, with details such as premium, policy excess and the total cancellation cover for each cover level.

Provider Cancellation Cover Premium Excess

Debenhams Gold
£10k £58.88 £50 Visit Debenhams >

Debenhams Emerald
£15k £78.51 £50 Visit Debenhams >

Debenhams Platinum
£25k £100.20 £50 Visit Debenhams >

Debenhams Ruby
£35k £153.92 £50 Visit Debenhams >

Debenhams Diamond
£60k £205.58 £50 Visit Debenhams >

John Lewis Level 1
£10k £60 £50 Visit John Lewis >

John Lewis Level 2
£15k £80.50 £50 Visit John Lewis >

John Lewis Level 3
£20k £101.50 £50 Visit John Lewis >

John Lewis Level 4
£30k £150.50 £50 Visit John Lewis >

John Lewis Level 5
£50k £228.50 £50 Visit John Lewis >

John Lewis Level 6
£100k £300.50 £50 Visit John Lewis >

WeddingPlan Bronze
£2.5k £19.44 £25 Visit Weddingplan >

WeddingPlan Silver
£7k £26.29 £25 Visit Weddingplan >

WeddingPlan Gold
£10k £36.79 £25 Visit Weddingplan >

WeddingPlan Diamond
£12.5k £47.32 £25 Visit Weddingplan >

WeddingPlan Diamond+
£17k £57.84 £25 Visit Weddingplan >

WeddingPlan Platinum
£22k £73.62 £25 Visit Weddingplan >

WeddingPlan Platinum+
£27k £89.40 £25 Visit Weddingplan>

WeddingPlan Premier
£32k £105.17 £25 Visit Weddingplan >

WeddingPlan Premier+
£65k £210.35 £25 Visit Weddingplan >

If you’re about to start planning your wedding and have decided to take out a wedding insurance policy, then you’ll naturally want to get the best policy for your needs.

Our easy to use comparison table will help you to compare the costs and features of a number of popular products, that you can buy online today. Click on any of the column headings to sort by features and benefits such as excess, cancellation cover limit, premium etc, and click on ‘buy now’ to go to the insurer and buy online.

What is wedding insurance?

As you plan the biggest day of your life, all attention is going to be focused on key details such as the wedding reception, the flowers, whether to have just a photographer or should you hire a videographer and then of course there is the dress both full length and morning but what happens if something goes wrong and this perfect day which you have been planning for months cannot go ahead?
Wedding insurance is not usually at the top of the happy couples’ ‘to do’ list but with the average wedding costing in the region of £25,000, surely insurance against cancellation or postponement is a ‘must have’ rather than an afterthought?

Wedding insurance is an event based policy which provides cover if the wedding is postponed or cancelled due to a variety of circumstances which will be specified in the policy. A wedding can fall out of the diary for a number of reasons and these are not always associated with the key players, the bride and groom. The reception venue for example could have a problem such as a fire for instance or an unplanned closure for another reason or a key member of the party such as the mother of the bride may become unwell and be unable to attend.

Wedding insurance can cover a number of things but in broad terms, it can protect items such as the hire of the wedding cars, the engagement and wedding rings or the cost of the honeymoon and it can cover circumstances which might lead to the cancellation or postponement of the whole event due for example to a fire at the hotel hosting the wedding reception or the illness or accident of one of the members of the wedding party. As with all insurance cover, each policy is different and will cover certain specified things. In simple terms, a fully comprehensive cover such as you will have with your car, will offer a broader and higher value cover than a budget policy which will be more defined or limited to specific items and/or circumstances and will therefore usually be much cheaper. Each provider is different so even a policy that appears to be the same on the face of it may differ in the finer detail, so it is really important to read the terms and conditions carefully before you buy so you know exactly what is covered and which circumstances will trigger the policy to pay out.

Will wedding insurance cover a wedding abroad?

Weddings in sunnier climes are becoming increasingly popular and are also potentially more expensive than getting married in a local hotel if you factor in the air fares and hotel accommodation for the entire wedding party. Some wedding insurance providers will offer cover for overseas weddings but it will certainly incur a higher premium than insuring for a wedding at home. Policies vary and terms and conditions also may vary depending on your chosen destination; a wedding on a beach in a tropical location may be more vulnerable to interruption from a weather based event than one in say the centre of Paris. Parts of the world which are deemed to be politically unstable may also incur a higher cost than for example European destinations and these are all genuine factors to consider. If the underwriter is charging a much higher premium for your dream wedding because of his assessment of the risk, then perhaps this is something you should seriously think about, after all, most people really don’t want to have to make a claim.

When is the right time to buy wedding insurance?

Because many weddings are planned months if not years ahead, some wedding insurance policies can be started as far away in time as two years prior to the date of the wedding. This sits well with those couples who are planning ahead and also making payments to secure services and suppliers months ahead of the big day, and very helpful if you are trying to spread the cost.

It is preferable to have the cover in place before making any deposits or payments but some policies will cover transactions already made but you need to check the policy wording carefully before you buy as every policy differs. Some suppliers will have their own contingency cover and even with your own cover in place, you should discuss this with them so that you have a proper understanding of what may happen in the event of postponement or cancellation; you can’t receive compensation twice so in the event that there is duplicate insurance for some parts of the wedding package, the insurers will negotiate between them as to which policy will pay out. Some couples only think about insurance at the last minute, probably as they tot up the cost of everything and it is possible to buy cover at the eleventh hour. What is perhaps less obvious are the more distant situations where perhaps an elderly member of the party is taken ill six months before the big day and a postponement is made whilst medical treatment is ongoing – weddings can be delayed or cancelled for many reasons and some of these are not always that apparent; having the cover in place well ahead of time will cover all eventualities.

Remember to keep proper records of everything that you purchase as you will be required to evidence costs and financial outlay in the event that you need to make a claim.

Which wedding insurance providers are there in the UK?

There are seven main providers of wedding insurance in the UK at the moment, you will probably have heard of two of them as they are also well known department stores offering bridal departments and wedding lists so not such a quantum leap to offering wedding insurance as well. The other five names you will probably not have come across as they only target the wedding market that is of course unless you are on round two!

How to get the best price on wedding insurance in the UK

The way to find the best price for your wedding insurance is to first establish what you would like to cover and at what value; policies can seem quite similar but may offer different levels of cover which will of course affect the premium. Ensure that those things which matter most to you are going to be covered – these will usually be the highest value things on your list of expenditure – and then establish a realistic value for the total cost of your wedding before looking at insurance providers. By using a price comparison table, you will be able to compare the level of cover you want from all the different providers. Once you think you have found the best provider for you, speak to them by phone to discuss the cover and make sure that your understanding of the policy matches what they intend to offer you. This is also a good time to see if they will offer you any special deals to win the business.

The old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ is always true in life and the cheapest provider may not necessarily be the best option as some key elements from your wish list may be missing from the cover or limited in the small print. Use trusted internet review sites to authentic your decision and check out how good your chosen provider is at paying out should you need to make a claim; this can be really key as with all the emotional upset of a postponed or cancelled wedding, the last thing any bride or groom needs is an insurer who drags their feet or quibbles over the payout.