Sadly one of the most common causes of the cancellation of a wedding is illness or accident to one of the immediate bridal party. Weddings are usually planned over a course of several months if not years and so it is easy to see how events can be interrupted by an unplanned illness or a tragic accident. Sadly also bereavement is another situation where it can mean it is simply inappropriate to continue with wedding plans. Weather can interrupt the wedding day and this is not just weddings overseas in tropical climes. Weather events in the UK can also call a halt to proceedings; usually a wedding insurance policy will require a minimum number of guests to be prevented from attending the ceremony and reception in order to trigger the cancellation or re-arrangement clause or, actual weather related damage to the venue itself, for instance flooding or storm damage caused by high winds.

Because there are usually so many different people involved in the staging of a wedding – photographer, florist, reception venue, car hire company, dressmaker to name but a few –the prospect of one of the suppliers having a problem is not uncommon and one of the main points of wedding insurance is to protect against this. Even reputable businesses can experience unforeseen issues which can prevent them from delivering the goods or services that they have been contracted to provide. The absence of one of the key contractors may mean that the day cannot go ahead, if it is not possible to replace them at the very last minute. Whoever heard of a wedding without flowers…?

Postponing a wedding is one thing but cancellation which means that the marriage is never going to take place, is quite another. Always return gifts and money to the guests in question or offer to donate them to a worthy cause. As with all incredibly tough situations, it is always better if at all possible to try and put at least a constructive if not a positive spin on it. A woman in the USA, whose wedding was called off at the very last minute, hosted the wedding reception for homeless people in the area. The food had been paid for and prepared and so would only have gone to waste, a fantastic way to salvage a very sad situation. Naturally, they all had wedding cake after the meal. She then went on honeymoon with her mother!