Funny wedding film clips are a popular element of outtake TV shows but in all seriousness, things can and do go wrong on the big day and wedding insurance is there to cover some of those eventualities. Policies usually provide cover for numerous items such as the wedding gifts, flowers, bridal party attire and also the wedding rings. Famously substituted in the film, ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, the marriage can usually go ahead with a borrowed ring or two but what happens if the rings are missing or damaged in some way?

A lot of thought, care and attention will go into the choosing of wedding rings, they are the symbol of an intended lifelong union and have huge personal significance in terms of their design, the choice of any stones and how they are presented at the ceremony. The majority of wedding insurance policies will cover wedding rings for loss incurred through damage, theft or fire and each policy will have a financial limit for the value of the rings. If you are choosing a cheaper policy because you are having a small ceremony and reception with only a few guests but you have really splashed out on the wedding rings, it should be possible to increase the financial limit for the rings alone.

Remember that wedding insurance policies only cover wedding rings and usually only until the end of the reception so if you stay overnight in the hotel where your reception was held and your wedding and engagement rings are stolen from your room, they probably will not be covered under your wedding insurance policy but they be covered under your household insurance as a listed possession, under your travel insurance for the honeymoon or under the venue’s own insurance. Wedding rings are unique, they can be recreated but will never be the one that was there on the day and exchanged at the ceremony. The emotional significance outweighs even the financial value of the most expensive ring so just take a few minutes to understand your policy cover should the worst happen.