Making a claim under a wedding insurance policy is something no bride or groom ever hopes they will have to do. One of the highest payouts in recent times was £85,000 when a false floor in a marquee, put in place to counter the sloping ground underneath, collapsed, sending 150 wedding guests sprawling across it. The floor was suspended four feet about the lawn and so that was some impact. The wedding guests were just about to be served the first course of their meal and so tables, chairs, glass and cutlery all went flying and some of the marquee poles collapsed as well. Remarkably, no one was hurt and the hefty payout covered the cancellation and re-arrangement of the wedding and funding for the bridal party’s attire which was all ruined.

Wedding insurers report that Britain’s increasingly unpredictable weather is having an impact but the economic downturn of the last few years according to a Debenhams’s survey has been a major trigger for policies to have to pay out as service businesses such as florists and photographers go bust. Carefully researching your suppliers is key and how much harder is this to do with an overseas wedding in an exotic location. Damage to the wedding venue is another factor quite high on the list as is illness and unscheduled surgery. Most sensible couples plan their big day months if not years ahead and contracts are often put in place with deposits paid a long time before the event and the further ahead you plan, the more potential there is for something unwanted, unforeseen or unpleasant to intervene. Despite the high divorce rate in the UK, marriage has never been more popular and couples are spending more than ever to create the perfect, fairy tale big day.

But popular TV outtake shows always have a wedding section so disasters clearly do happen. It is worth taking what is after all only a small amount of time and trouble to carefully consider the purchase of your wedding insurance policy. Although it is tedious, do read the small print so you can understand what exclusions and limitations apply to your cover. There is one thing worse than not having insurance cover in the event of a major incident and that is thinking you have insurance cover only to find that that it is excluded for a reason that you weren’t aware of because you hadn’t read the terms and conditions.