Welcome to the WeddingInsurance.net Wedding Insurance Provider pages.

Wedding Insurance is still a relatively immature market, and as a result, there are relatively few insurers who have their own wedding insurance offering.

A lot of types of insurance, such as Car or Home insurance are fiercely competitive, with many different insurers competing for your business. This is not currently the case for wedding insurance, with only a handful of companies having decided to enter the market.

Whilst competition in any market is usually a good thing for the consumer, a lack of competition does bring benefits. One benefit of this uncrowded market, is that comparison of all of the deals on offer becomes much easier. Our wedding insurance comparison table is testament to this, with a very simple view of all of the products currently available. Whilst there are probably hundreds if not thousands of different providers of home insurance for example, for wedding insurance there are barely a dozen.

At WeddingInsurance.net, we aim to guide you through the process of deciding the best wedding insurance provider, as well as the best policy, to suit your needs. Using the links below, you can navigate through review of each of the providers, and we also list any current deals and promo codes that are available on our ‘Wedding Insurance Discounts’ pages.