Debenhams Wedding Insurance

Debenehams were one of the first ‘non financial services’ brands in the UK to get into the financial services market, with Debenehams Financial Services, closely followed by the likes of John Lewis Insurance and Marks and Spencer Money. Debenhams have a selection of wedding insurance products, which are neatly separated into different tiers. As with most wedding insurance policies, the higher the cancellation cover that you require, the more expensive the premium.

Debenhams are a well known face on the high street with an established store card and a wedding department which offers everything for the bride to be and other members of the bridal party so it makes sense to also offer wedding insurance.  There are five levels of cover starting with Gold and then increasing in value and premium through Emerald, Platinum and Ruby right up to Diamond.  Gold offers cancellation cover up to £10,000 with a premium of £59.95 and their premier policy, Diamond which costs £209.32 offers cancellation and re-arrangement cover up to the value of £60,000.  The policy excess on all levels of cover is the same at £50.

There are optional add ons for marquee hire and ceremonial swords and their policies include both personal and public liability although there are restrictions on both of these elements if the wedding takes place overseas.  Debenhams policies do cover overseas weddings at no additional cost but this only applies to the ceremony and the reception and will not cover the travel there and back and the accommodation so this needs to be the subject of a separate travel policy as of course does the honeymoon.  Two weddings and two receptions are covered so potentially a good option for those couples who are having an overseas wedding and then a second ceremony and reception back in the UK.  There are time restrictions though and any reception must be held within 56 days of the wedding.

Discounts on the premiums are offered if you buy on line and each purchase of a policy is rewarded with a Debenhams gift card to the value of £20.

The comparison table below gives you the important facts and figures regarding each of the Debenhams Wedding Insurance policy levels, which we hope will help  you to make an informed decision regarding which level may suit you best. If you are looking for a more comprehensive rundown on each of the different cover levels, and what exactly is included, then head over to our Debenhams Wedding Insurance Reviews section, where we also give you a more general overview of Debenhams Personal Finance.

If you decide that Debenhams wedding insurance is right for your requirements, then we always recommend checking to see if there are any special offers or voucher codes available. We do our best to list any current offers over on our Debenhams wedding insurance promotional codes page.


Provider Cancellation Cover Premium Excess

Debenhams Gold
£10k £58.88 £50 Visit Debenhams >

Debenhams Emerald
£15k £78.51 £50 Visit Debenhams >

Debenhams Platinum
£25k £100.20 £50 Visit Debenhams >

Debenhams Ruby
£35k £153.92 £50 Visit Debenhams >

Debenhams Diamond
£60k £205.58 £50 Visit Debenhams >