Wedding Plan Insurance

WeddingPlan Insurance

Unlike many of the insurers listed on, WeddingPlan Insurance only sell wedding insurance. As their name suggests they position themselves as experts in Wedding Insurance, and do not sell other insurance types such as Pet, Travel or Car. Wedding Plan are underwritten by (i.e. the insurer who actually providers your cover and would pay out in the event of having to make a claim) UK General Insurance Ltd, the same insurer that providers the cover for Debenhams Wedding Insurance.

Wedding Plan offer 9 levels of cover, giving you the most choice out of any of the wedding insurance providers. Wedding Plan also offer one of the cheapest policies, with their lowest level ‘Bronze’ policy – with a one off premium cost of just £18.49.

Of course, the cheapest option may not necessarily be the best policy for you to take. The price of a premium generally relates to the amount of cover being provided. With Wedding Plan, the policy with the lowest priced premium (the Bronze package), offers a total cancellation cover of £2,500, whereas their most expensive policy (Premium +) offers cancellation cover of up to £50,000. The amount of ‘cancellation cover’ is the total amount that will be paid out to cover costs if your wedding is cancelled.

As with all of the providers on our site, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with all of the policy options available from WeddingPlan, by going to their site. We have provided a comprehensive breakdown of the WeddingPlan policies available, with our WeddingPlan Insurance review page.  If you decide that WeddingPlan is the best insurer for your Wedding Insurance needs, then we also recommend that you check to see whether there are any ongoing discounts, or special promotional codes available before you buy. We keep our WeddingPlan insurance promotional code page up to date with any up to date offers or promo codes – so check it out before you buy.

We have compiled a table below with all of WeddingPlans policies. Click on one of the rows to take you though to the Wedding Plan site where you can see full details of all of their policies.


Cover Level Cancellation Cover Premium Excess

WeddingPlan Bronze
£2.5k £19.44 £25 Visit Weddingplan >

WeddingPlan Silver
£7k £26.29 £25 Visit Weddingplan >

WeddingPlan Gold
£10k £36.79 £25 Visit Weddingplan >

WeddingPlan Diamond
£12.5k £47.32 £25 Visit Weddingplan >

WeddingPlan Diamond+
£17k £57.84 £25 Visit Weddingplan >

WeddingPlan Platinum
£22k £73.62 £25 Visit Weddingplan >

WeddingPlan Platinum+
£27k £89.40 £25 Visit Weddingplan>

WeddingPlan Premier
£32k £105.17 £25 Visit Weddingplan >

WeddingPlan Premier+
£65k £210.35 £25 Visit Weddingplan >